We understand that our customers’ needs vary; hence we proffer solutions specifically tailored to meet their needs. Our robust experience in aircraft charter services, builds up confidence in our partners.

Lease, Dry, Wet Lease, ACMI, Charter, VIP, Air Ambulance, Passenger, private business, CargoOur ability to access markets the world over and our knowledge of customs and cultures make us the perfect solution for your charter demands. Our Charter resource experts are able to locate all types of civilian aircraft from small passenger and cargo short haul, through to large cargo and commercial aircraft. By teaming up with LTT Aviation you have access to the world's largest network of brokers and operators to fit any of your charter requirements. 

The Charter services we provide include:

  • Lease – Dry, Wet Lease, ACMI
  • CharterVIP, Air Ambulance, Passenger, private business, Cargo.
  • Acquisition – Passenger, Cargo, or VIP (Small, Midsize, Super midsize, Large cabin)
  • Sale -­- Passenger, Cargo, or VIP

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