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Airport Concierge


Aviation security is very high on the list of priorities of air travelers and the international air community. It is importance that operators are aware of security risks before commencing flight operations. Political issues, high crime rate, terrorism, kidnapping and many other reasons pose a risk to your security. 

LTT Aviation provides security in the following areas

  1. Airport Security
  2. Aircraft Security
  3. Crew and VIP Security (Security Guards, armed and uniformed, Secured vehicles and bodyguard)
  4. We provide our clientele with complete peace of mind by reducing risks.


Our understanding with all the hotels in Nigeria makes it easier to book hotel accommodation for our customers. Feel free and contact us at any time and we will arrange the best accommodation to match your requirements. Our hotel reservation comes with discounted rates and transparent billing. You can rely on us to find the perfect hotel for your crew members.

Ground Transportation

LTT Aviation provides ground transportation in the following areas

Airport Meet And Assist Packages

Do you need a personal escort within the airport, or a helping hand through airport security, our trained meet and assist is always available to help you and your journey will be completely stress-free airport experience every time you fly. This package is customised to suit every kind of traveller.

FBO and VIP Lounge

LTT Aviation can provide FBO and VIP lounges in Lagos for executive jets making your trip hassle-free.

Our Lounge is designed for customer`s satisfaction. This includes:




Cargo Services

Our experienced Cargo Team has vast knowledge on document handling, build and break-down, transfer, bypass, tallying, delivery and trucking expertise in cargo ground handling services

Summary of our Cargo handling services

  1. Supervision and cargo breakdown
  2. Freight Handling
  3. Document Handling (Import/Export)
  4. Generation of Cargo
  5. Mail Handling
  6. Outsourced Hub Operations and Management
  7. Freighter Ramp Services / Transportation
  8. Call Centre and Airline Customer Services
  9. Special Cargo Handling
  10. Trucking Services
  11. Warehousing


Ocean Freight

LTT Cargo and Aviation services offers a full range of ocean freight forwarding services that include LCL / FCL, door to door, distribution services etc.

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Airlines Representation

LTT Aviation provides full station management and flight support services to airlines, whether you are a scheduled carrier or purely operating an ad-hoc charter flight.

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We understand that our customers’ needs vary; hence we proffer solutions specifically tailored to meet their needs. Our robust experience in aircraft charter services, builds up confidence in our partners.

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General Sales & Service Agent (Gssa)

Our seasoned sales team has been trained to establish and maintain a special customer relationship with our clients, keeping daily contact with our customers.

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Over Flight And Landing Permission

Procurement of traffic rights is the beginning of every flight operation. Traffic rights is what gives operators legal entrance into another country`s airspace.

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Airline Refueling Services

Into-Plane Fueling - Most airlines operate on tight flight schedules, timely refuelling of aircraft becomes extremely essential to overall flight operations.

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