CEO’S Message

LTT cargo and aviation services limited came into the aviation industry, five years ago, as a certified aviation support service provider licensed by the nation’s aviation regulation body, the Nigerian civil aviation authority (NCAA).

Since our emergence in this highly specialised and dynamic industry, we have remained focused, providing quality, safe and professional services to both local and foreign airlines, on adhoc and scheduled basis.

 Our appointment by Singapore cargo international airlines as its sole ground handling agent in Nigeria is evidence of our courteous quality service delivery. This is as a result of highly trained and skilled manpower, the organisation parades.

One advantage we have over our competitors is that LTT sees all her customers as “first among equal”. This we have demonstrated over the years, through our services, by ensuring that the maximum turnaround time is always achieved, thereby, saving time and cost, that’s one valuable ingredient in airline business.

 We will remain humble in achievements even as we call on other airlines, yet to savour our services to come on board while assuring those already enjoying our services, professional service and   more blissful business relationship in the years ahead.

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