Credit Ground Handling Services

We know the stress of crew members flying with cash which may be dangerous in some parts of the world. LTT Aviation is tailored such that full credit handling services are extended to credible and reputable airlines whose pedigree in airline business is not in doubt. This kind of olive branch extended to our customers coupled with our seamless services has given us an added advantage.

The following are some of the ground services we provide on credit:

  •     Ramp handling
  •     PAX Handling
  •     Cargo Handling
  •     Deportee/Humanitarian Handling
  •     Medical Evacuation Handling
  •     VIP/Diplomatic Handling
  •     United Nations/Peace Keeping handling
  •     Customs & Immigration
  •     Cargo and baggage services
  •     Catering
  •     Security Arrangements.
  •     CFP filing.
  •     Crew Transportation and passengers.
  •     Hotel accommodation for crew and passengers.
  •     Wheelchair Services




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