Credit Ground Handling Services

We know the stress of crew members flying with cash which may be dangerous in some parts of the world. LTT Aviation is tailored such that full credit handling services are extended to credible and reputable airlines whose pedigree in airline business is not in doubt. This kind of olive branch extended to our customers coupled with our seamless services has given us an added advantage.

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Competitive Pricing

At LTT, we have gone a step ahead of our competitors, ensuring that business opportunities are not lost. Our management believes that LTT is partnership in progress with all her clientele. Our pricing are competitive, transparent with flexible payment terms. Our understanding of African market and beyond helps us to know the applicable charges at every station. Thus, helping our customers to maximize their profit by not paying any extra or hidden fees which are often charged by some handlers when aircraft is on ground.

Customer Relationship Management

Our CRM specialists understand that CRM systems differ from one company to another. We have been able to develop an ideal, tailor –made CRM solutions for our customers. We consider your specific business processes and provide CRM that suits you for smooth project flow, fast implementation, and low costs. This has helped us to increase customer satisfaction and lay the foundation for long term profitable relations.

Time Management

Speed, accuracy and efficiency are important ingredients in all ground handling services in order to minimize the turnaround time.  Poor time Management results are very costly. Our flexibility, punctuality and simplified processes play a decisive role in rendering excellent ground handling services to our clientele. Time is money. A smooth "on time" operation not only saves you money, it makes you money.

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